"Drifting, ascending guitar figures formed from the elemental tones of wood and wire that sing out acoustic music" is how North Florida's FOLIO Magazine describes the unique sounds of Ace Winn. Creating acoustic music for as long as he can remember, Ace made his solo debut more than fifteen years ago. Since then, loyal fans have been enjoying his captivating performances in coffeehouses and clubs throughout Florida. In the early 90s, before performing solo, Ace was front man for the psychedelic funk rock band, Piewackit. Deciding to move in a different direction, he opted for the alternative - thoughtful lyrics over the unbelievably full sound of his acoustic guitar. Influenced by such performers as Sting, Bill Withers and Cat Stevens, Ace's inspired, original compositions call upon virtually every genre of music, including rock, folk, reggae, gospel, jazz and funk.

The Florida Times Union wrote, "The basics. An acoustic guitar, naked lyrics and a voice that climbs the scales in magnificent style, nothing shy about it, stretching syllables out as if each word is being torn from him". The songs speak of everyday life; experiences of a musician raised in a southern town.”

Winn’s superb songwriting skills are clearly evident in his music. He was featured on a 1993 album of local acoustic musicians titled "The Kitchen Sessions" and a similar follow-up album titled "Mystery Date" which was released in November 1995. His own acoustic albums titled "25 years and a Day", "Half Way There" and "Music For The Soul" were released and immediately sold out. In 1997, while working on his unfinished album, "Masterpiece", Ace was approached by the international Reggae band, Christafari. After an extensive national tour with the band during the 1997-98 season, Ace returned to Florida to continue his solo career, even though he occasionally performed with the group and provided lyrics for several albums including "Word, Sound and Power" (Lion of Zion/Diamante).
Ace has shared the stage with names like Green Day, Kirk Franklin, 247 Spyz, Living Colour, Newsboys and Follow For Now. He has performed at major benefits for the Aslan House, Ronald McDonald House, and has played for frequent Florida Poet Society events.